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IMAGE نمایه سازی چهار نشریه در Scopus و Clarivate Analytics
سه شنبه, 27 فروردين 1398
  نمایه سازی چهار نشریه در Scopus و  (Clarivate Analytics (ISI           موسسه نگاه مشرق میانه، ناشر نشریات علمی پژوهشی است که در جهت بهبود کیفیت انتشار و استانداردسازی مجلات پژوهشی خدمات گوناگونی را به پژوهشگران، نویسندگان، و نشریات... ادامه مطلب ...
IMAGE جشنواره پاییزی موسسه نگاه مشرق میانه
دوشنبه, 16 مهر 1397
موسسه نگاه مشرق میانه، ضمن تبریک به مناسبت بازگشایی دانشگاهها و موسسات آموزش عالی، مفتخر است اعلام نماید، جهت ارتقای سطح علمی نشریات دانشگاهی و کمک به نویسندگان محترم، کلیه خدمات انتشار نشریات علمی و  سایت پژوهشگران... ادامه مطلب ...
IMAGE موسسه نگاه مشرق میانه نماینده رسمی شرکت بین المللی Reseapro در ایران
شنبه, 25 آذر 1396
اساتید و پژوهشگران گرامی   موسسه نگاه مشرق میانه Negah Institute for Social Research and Scientific Comunication  به اطلاع کلیه نویسندگان، سردبیران و همکاران گرامی می رساند که نماینده رسمی خدمات ویراستاری Native شرکت Reseapro. در ایران است. شرکت Reseapro  و ... ادامه مطلب ...

Recentley Published




 TitleThe Effects of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Administration on Depression Symptoms Induced by LPS in Male Wistar Ratsts  

Authors: Fatemeh Saeidienik , Mohammad Reza Shahraki , Hamed Fanaei * , Fereshteh Badini  

Journal NameBasic and Clinical Neuroscience  

Volume 9, Number 3  

Abstract   |  Full Text  


TitleA Comparative Study of Early Maladaptive Schemas and Impulsivity Between Opioid Abusers and Non-Abusers  

Authors: Ronak Kakavand * , Alireza Kakavand , Mohammad Hakami  

Journal NameJournal of Practice in Clinical Psychology  

Volume 6, Number 3  

Abstract   |  Full Text  


Title: The Relationship Between Acceptable Noise Level and Initial Acceptance of Hearing Aid  

Authors: Ali Abbasi , Hamid Jalilvand * , Leyla Jalilvand Karimi , Alireza Akbarzade Baghban  

Journal NameAnatomical Sciences Journal  

Volume 14, Number 1  

Abstract   |  Full Text  


TitleThe Traffic-Related Readiness of Organizations for Preventing Crisis and Traffic Damages in Metropolitan Areas  

Authors: Shahriar Behzad Basirat , Davood Doagooyan * , Gholamreza Shiran , Mousa Amiri  

Journal NameHealth in Emergencies & Disasters Quarterly  

Volume 3, Number 1  

Abstract   |  Full Text  


Title: Horticulture Therapy Effects on Memory and Psychological Symptoms of Depressed Male Outpatients   

AuthorsMandana Parvand *Babak GooshehAli Reza Sarmadi  

Journal Name: Iranian Rehabilitation Journal  

Volume 16, Number 2  

Abstract   |  Full Text  


TitleEffect of Tai Chi Exercise on the Stress of Elderly Women With Hypertension  

Authors: Elnaz Talebi , Farideh Bastani , Hamid Haqhani  

Journal NameJournal of Client-centered Nursing Care  

Volume 3, Number 4  

Abstract   |  Full Text  


  TitleAnalysis of behavior with drought and its influencing factors in nomad of Derila region, Gachsaran County

Authors: Samira Behroozeh; Mansoor Shahvali  

Journal NameJournal of Rural Research  

Volume 9, Number 1  

Abstract   |  Full Text  


Title: Predicting Emotional Intelligence and Social Adjustment Based on Attachment Styles  

Authors: Naeemeh Nasergholi-Bafghi; Hamid Molaei; Ali Hasanzadeh  

  Journal NameJournal of Sabzevar University of Medical Sciences

  Volume 23, Number 3

Abstract   |  Full Text  


Title: Kinematics of Lower Extremity During Forward and Backward Walking on Different Gradients   

Authors: Sasan Naderi * , Fariborz Mohammadipour  , Mohammad Reza Amir Seyfaddini  

Journal NamePhysical Treatments: Specific Physical Therapy Journal  

Volume 7, Number 2  

Abstract   |  Full Text  


Title: Normalization of Pervasive Developmental Disorder Screening Test   

Authors: Mansoureh Karimzadeh , Ali Reza Baneshi * , Mahnaz Dehghan Tezerjani , Zeynab Tayyebi Sough  

Journal NameArchives of Rehabilitation  

Volume 19, Number 2  

Abstract   |  Full Text  


Title: The Comparison of Familial Social Capitals With and Without the Elderly  

Authors: Shahnaz , Parvaneh Danesh , Hossein Baghery  

Journal NameSalmand: Iranian Journal of Ageing  

Volume 13, Number 2  

Abstract   |  Full Text  


Title: Domestic Violence Prevention Advocacy Program: A Pilot Study in Tehran Urban Area   

Authors: Jafar Bolhari , Tina Amiri , Isa Karimi Keisomi , Masoome Mohseni Kabir  

Journal NameIranian Journal of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology  

Volume 24, Number 2  

Abstract   |  Full Text  


  Title: Sleep Quality, Anxiety, and Depression in Patients With Heart Failure

  Authors: Hamid Aria, Mohammad Mehdi Naghizadeh

  Journal NameJournal of Advanced Medical Sciences and Applied Technologies

Volume 3, Number 4  

Abstract   |  Full Text  


  Title:  Identifying Strategic Priorities for the Sustainable Development of Rural Areas Based on Local Community Planning

  Authors: Mahmoud Jomehpour

  Journal Name: Journal of Sustainable Rural Development

Volume 1, Number 2  

Abstract   |  Full Text  


  TitleThallium Intoxication in Relation to Drug Abuse and Cigarette Smoking in Iran

  Authors: Hamid Reza Banafshe, Amir Ghaderi

  Journal Name:  International Journal of Medical Toxicology and Forensic Medicine

Volume 8, Number 2  

Abstract   |  Full Text  


  Title: Basic and advanced theory of mind in school-aged children with cochlear implants

  Authors: Ziba Delkhah, Zahra Soleymani, Hooshang Dadgar

  Journal NameAuditory and Vestibular Research

Volume 7, Number 3  

Abstract   |  Full Text  


  Title: Mobile Speech Therapy Application Using Speech Processing for Intellectually Disabled

  Authors: Fatemeh Javadi, Faranak Fotouhi Ghazvini, Rouhollah Dianat

  Journal NameJournal of Modern Rehabilitation

Volume 11, Number 4  

Abstract   |  Full Text  


  TitleCow’s Milk Protein Allergy in Pediatric Dentistry: A Narrative Review 

  Authors: Halenur Altan , Alem Cosgun , Ahmet Altan

  Journal NameJournal of  Pediatrics  Review

Volume 7, Number 1  

Abstract   |  Full Text  


  TitleQuality of Life and Associated Factors in Patients Suffering From Burns

  Authors: Zakiyeh Jafaryparvar , Masoomeh Adib *  , Atefeh Ghanbari Khanghah  , Ehsan Kazem Nezhad Leyli 

  Journal NameJournal of Holistic Nursing And Midwifery

Volume 28, Number 3  

Abstract   |  Full Text  


  TitleA Giant Abdominal Cerebrospinal Fluid Pseudocyst 

  Authors: Mohamed Ouladsaiad * , Hamza Hokoumi , Najoua Aballa

  Journal NameIranian Journal of Neurosurgery

Volume 3, Number 3  

Abstract   |  Full Text  


  TitleAn Oculofaciocardiodental Syndrome: Challenges in Endodontic Treatment 

  Authors: Mehran Taramsari , Zahra Dalili Kajan , Leila Atash Biz Yeganeh

  Journal NameJournal of Dentomaxillofacial Radiology, Pathology and Surgery

Volume 6, Number 3  

Abstract   |  Full Text  


  TitlePsychopathological Symptoms in Caregivers of Patients With Vegetative State

  Authors: Shahrokh Yousefzadeh-Chabok , Mohammadreza Emamhadi , Babak Alijani , Marzieh Cheragh Sepehr  , Naema Khodadadi- Hassankiadeh 

  Journal NameCaspian Journal of Neurological Sciences "Caspian J Neurol Sci"

Volume 4, Number 13  

Abstract   |  Full Text  



  Title: Regulatory T Cells in Colorectal Cancer


  Journal NameImmunoregulation

Volume 3, Number 1  

Abstract   |  Full Text  


  TitleThe effectiveness of behavioral activation therapy in reduction of depression symptoms, cognitive-behavioral avoidance and quality of life in students 

  Authors: Ali mohammad Valiyan Mr, Mansour Sodani PhD , Khadijeh Shirali nia PhD, Reza Khojasteh Mehr PhD

  Journal NameContemporary Psychology, Biannual Journal of the Iranian Psychological Association

Volume 12, Number 1  

Abstract   |  Full Text  







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