Health in Emergencies & Disasters Quarterly (HDQ) Full Journal Title
University of Social Welfare & Rehabilitation Sciences Owner Organization
Hamid Reza Khankeh, PhD Editor in Chief
Quarterly Frequency
English Language
Negah Institute for Scientific Communication Publisher
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Health in Emergencies and Disasters is a quarterly journal that published with collaboration between  Health in Emergencies and Disasters Research Center of University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences( & Iranian virtual Institute for Emergencies and Disasters (  from 2015 onward in English. In Middle East, Health in Emergencies and Disasters Quarterly, as a scientific medium,  has a unique situation in collaboration among researchers, health professionals and community as the key to share knowledge, experiences and thus improving health care services in emergencies and disasters. This journal provides a means for associations, institutions, centers, foundations, companies, and individuals concerned with emergencies and disasters to share perspectives, concerns, ideas, and information that will foster cooperative efforts to improve health aspects in emergencies and disasters.




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