TitleAge of Acquisition Effect: Evidence From Single-Word Reading and Neural Networks  

 *Authors: Ahmad Sohrabi  

Journal NameBasic and Clinical Neuroscience  

Volume 10, Number 2  

Abstract   |  Full Text  


TitleConstruction and Validation of Emotional Divorce Scale in Iranian Population   

Authors: Fereshteh Mirzadeh Koohshahi , Alimohamad Rezaei * , Mahmoud Najafi  

Journal NameJournal of Practice in Clinical Psychology  

Volume 7, Number 1  

Abstract   |  Full Text  


Title: The Investigation of Factors Affecting the Gait of the Patients Suffering From Multiple Sclerosis   

Authors: Amin Mahdizadeh , Somayeh Lokzadeh , Azadeh Riyahi , Seyed Ali Hosseini * , Nasrin Jalili  

    Journal Name: Archives of Rehabilitation  

Volume 20, Number 1  

Abstract   |  Full Text  


Title: Effect of Ankle Brace on the Activity and Co-Contraction of Ankle Muscles During Single-Leg Landing   

Authors: Farnaz Mobini , Mehrdad Anbarian  , Leila Ghazaleh  

Journal NameIranian Rehabilitation Journal  

Volume 17, Number 1  

Abstract   |  Full Text  


Title: The Role of Stroop Performance in Predicting Sleep Quality and Quality of Life in the Elderly   

Authors: Esmaeil Sadri Damirchi * , Taghi Akbari , Arezoo Mojarad  , Sanaz Behbuei  

Journal NameSalmand: Iranian Journal of Ageing  

Volume 13, Number 5  

Abstract   |  Full Text  


Title: The Effect of Positive Psychology Intervention on the Psychological Well-Being of Adolescents    

Authors: Abolghasem Yaghoobi * , Bayan Nesai Moghadam  

Journal NameIranian Journal of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology  

Volume 25, Number 1  

Abstract   |  Full Text  


  TitleEpidemiology of Scorpion Envenoming in the Prefecture of Figuig, Morocco

  Authors: Rida Elyamani, Abdelmajid Soulaymani, Zineb Serheir

  Journal Name:  International Journal of Medical Toxicology and Forensic Medicine  

Volume 9, Number 1  

Abstract   |  Full Text  


  TitleAlterations in Balance Strategies Due to Joint Bracing in Static Postural Standing

  Authors: Mohammed Ashtiani, Mahmood-Reza Azghani

  Journal NameJournal of Modern Rehabilitation

Volume 12, Number 3  

Abstract   |  Full Text  


  TitleAccidental Ingestion of Local Anesthetic Solutions in Children  

  Authors: Afrouz Alipour , Sara Shokooh Saremi  , Mohammad Reza Navaeifar 

  Journal NameJournal of  Pediatrics  Review

Volume 7, Number 3  

Abstract   |  Full Text  


  TitleAnatomo-Radiological Patterns of the Tethered Spinal Cord With Lipoma  

  Authors: Magatte Gaye *, Youssoupha Sakho , Abd-El Kader Moumouni , Cherif Mohamadou Aidara , Mohamed Jalloh , Amadou Latif

  Journal NameIranian Journal of Neurosurgery

Volume 4, Number 3  

Abstract   |  Full Text  


  TitleClinical Improvement with Non-Surgical Management of Tuberculous Spondylitis 

  Authors: Santoso Jaeri , Abdulloh Machin 

  Journal NameCaspian Journal of Neurological Sciences "Caspian J Neurol Sci"

Volume 5, Number 16  

Abstract   |  Full Text  



  Title: The Relationship Between Serum Interleukin-6 Level and Chronic Urticaria

  Authors: Delara Babaie; Mohammad Nabavi; Saba Arshi; Houshang Gorjipour; Sepideh Darougar

  Journal NameImmunoregulation

Volume 1, Number 3  

Abstract   |  Full Text  


  TitleThe Effect of Training on Stable and Unstable Surfaces on Static Balance in Healthy Elderly  

  Authors: Zohreh Afsharmand  , Mahdiyeh Akoochakian , Hasan Daneshmandi  , Yahya Sokhanguei 

  Journal NamePhysical Treatments: Specific Physical Therapy Journal

Volume 8, Number 3  

Abstract   |  Full Text  







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