Title: Characterization of Nociceptive Behaviors Induced by Formalin in the Glabrous and Hairy Skin of Rats

Authors: Elaheh EramiHassan Azhdari-Zarmehri *Keiji ImotoHidemasa Furue

Journal Name: Basic and Clinical Neuroscience

Volume 8, Number 1

Abstract   |  Full Text


TitleThe Relationship Between Mate Selection Styles and Marital Satisfaction of Married Nurses

AuthorsGholamreza Rajabi *, Ghodrat Allah Abbasi, Arash Jelodari

Journal Name: Journal of Practice in Clinical Psychology

Volume 4, Number 4

Abstract   |  Full Text


Title: Comparing Behavior of Chondrocyte Cells on Different Polyhydroxybutyrate Scaffold Structure for Cartilage Tissue Engineering

AuthorsReza Samanipour *, Saeed Karbasi, Batool Hashemibeni

Journal Name: Anatomical Sciences Journal

Volume 13, Number 2

Abstract   |  Full Text


TitleWomen’s Participation in Natural Disasters and Accidents: A Case Study of Bam Earthquake, Iran

AuthorsMahmoud Nekouyi Moghaddam, Zahra Afshar Hossein Abadi *, Ali Ardalan, Somayeh Aminizadeh

Journal Name: Health in Emergencies & Disasters Quarterly

Volume 1, Number 4

Abstract   |  Full Text


Title: Effect of Cardiac Rehabilitation on Heart Rate and Functional Capacity in Patients After Myocardial Infarction

AuthorsMandana Parvand *, Babak Goosheh, Ali Reza Sarmadi

Journal Name: Iranian Rehabilitation Journal

Volume 14, Number 3

Abstract   |  Full Text


TitleEvaluation of Death Anxiety in Elderly Patients With Cancer Undergoing Chemotherapy

AuthorsFarideh Bastani, Fattaneh Farnood *, Hamid Haqhani

Journal Name: Journal of Client-centered Nursing Care

Volume 2, Number 3

Abstract   |  Full Text


Title: Comparison of Food Security Villagers With Different Attitude and Nutritional Culture in Three Zones of Climate South of Kerman Province

Authors: Samira Behroozeh; Mansoor Shahvali

Journal Name: Journal of Rural Research

Volume 7, Number 3

Abstract   |  Full Text


Title: Predicting Emotional Intelligence and Social Adjustment Based on Attachment Styles

Authors: Naeemeh Nasergholi-Bafghi; Hamid Molaei; Ali Hasanzadeh

Journal NameJournal of Sabzevar University of Medical Sciences

Volume 23, Number 3

Abstract   |  Full Text


Title: sEMG Characteristics of the Lower Extremity Muscles During Walking in Mentally Retarded Adolescents

AuthorsMehrdad Anbarian *, Younes Bagheri Fard, Hamed Esmaili

Journal Name: Physical Treatments: Specific Physical Therapy Journal

Volume 6, Number 1

Abstract   |  Full Text


Title: Research Paper: Effect of Strength and Endurance Training on the Pelvic Floor Muscles in Women With Stress Urinary Incontinence

AuthorsRezvan Lak, Mohsen Amiri *, Iraj Abdollahi, Akbar Biglarian, Roksana Bazaz Behbahani, Maryam Zargoosh

Journal Name: Archives of Rehabilitation

Volume 17, Number 3

Abstract   |  Full Text


Title: Time Usage Patterns of Iranian Older Adults and Its Association With Socioeconomic Factors

AuthorsMaryam Sharifian Sani, Nasibeh Zanjari *, Rasoul Sadeghi

Journal Name: Salmand: Iranian Journal of Ageing

Volume 11, Number 3

Abstract   |  Full Text


Title: The Role of Emotion Intensity and Experiential Avoidance in Predicting Trait Anxiety

AuthorsMajid Mahmud Aliloo, Seyedeh Ayda Mousavi Moghadam *, Tahereh Imani

Journal Name: Iranian Journal of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology

Volume 22, Number 2

Abstract   |  Full Text


TitleSimulating the Formation and Dynamics of the Implicit Attitude; a Social Cognition Study

AuthorsMohsen Oftadehal, Babak Mohammadi, Kamal Kharrazi, Mohammad Nami

Journal NameJournal of Advanced Medical Sciences and Applied Technologies

Volume 2, Number 4

Abstract   |  Full Text


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